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Lunch Club

Welcome to Lunch Club!

Jack and Jill's Lunch Club started in 2012 and since then it has grown rapidly and the children love it.

Lunch Club is a great way to start to introduce your child to a slightly longer day at pre-school in preparation for their transition to school and to give them a growing sense of independence. We offer lunch club to all children once they are eligible for their 15 free government funded hours. An additional charge is made for the lunch club. Please see our fees page for details.

Around 12pm the children who are staying for lunch are taken to wash their hands before sitting down at the table for lunch. The lunch bags are placed randomly on the table and each child sits down with their bag and the designated lunch staff are on hand to help with any tricky packages or problems.

Once your child has finished their lunch they are asked to put their lunch bags away and can go back to playing with their friends and the activities available ready for the afternoon session to begin.

Please send your child with a packed lunch that they will enjoy. Unfortunately we are unable to heat anything for the children and ask that in the summer you pop an ice pack into the bag to help keep their food cool. 

* Please can we also ask that you do not send in any fizzy drinks, sweets or nuts, thank you.

Lunch boxes and bags set out on the lunch table
Lunch boxes and bags set out on the lunch table - view from other side of the table