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Introductory Guide

Welcome! We have put together this guide to our pre-school in an effort to help you gain a little more from your time with us. Here you can learn about everything from clothing your child, arriving at the pre-school, collecting your child and joining our sessions.

If you feel there are other pieces of information you would like to see here, please do let us know by providing feedback or alternatively please do contact us.

Clothing Your Child

At Jack and Jill's we encourage the children to participate in numerous activities throughout the day and many of them are messy, therefore we ask that you send your child in clothes that you do not mind them getting a little stained. Although we buy washable paint and pens we can not guarantee that it will wash out of everything and we would hate to ruin a favourite dress, top or trousers!

We also ask that coats, hats, gloves and shoes are labelled and that if possible you can send your child in with a spare set of clothes in case of any little accidents. Water play is an example of an activity that requires a spare set of clothes.

You can also purchase Jack and Jill's sweat shirts and polo shirts for the children if so required. This not only helps prevent the worry that children may stain their own clothes but also helps promote a sense of belonging to the pre-school.

Two girls playing together at a Jack and Jill's pre-school activity table
Table outside main hall entrance displaying children's name tags and drink bottles

Arriving at Pre-School

The doors to the pre-school open at 9:10am. Upon arrival, we ask that you help your child to hang up their coat. Each child has a fun "name tag", which can be found on the table outside the hall entrance. Once they have found their name, this can be "posted" in the post box that is located just inside the hall. Any drinks can then be placed on the drinks table inside the hall and if your child is staying for lunch club their lunch bags can be placed in the baskets provided.

We encourage parents to go with their children into the setting and to help them to find an activity table of their choice. Once you are happy that your child has settled well within the setting, we ask that you sign them in, by adding a time to the sheet provided just inside the main doors.

Collecting Your Child

Morning sessions end at 12:10, while afternoon sessions end at 14:30. We do ask that you arrive promptly at these times to collect your child. If you are not able to collect your child for any reason, please do contact us in advance as late fees will apply if we are not informed.

Parents should always inform a member of staff if another person other than those named on the contact sheet is collecting their child from pre-school.

We do offer a password scheme where this situation arises and the password must be given to a member of staff before the child will be released into their care.  All passwords are confidential and therefore only share them with the nominated carer for your child.

NO child is allowed to leave the setting with an adult that is not familiar to staff.

Coats hanging on hooks

Joining Our Sessions

At Jack and Jill's we really encourage parents, carers, grandparents, aunts and uncles to get involved with the children and the sessions. This can be done by coming to play for an hour, participating in an activity or bringing in an activity you would like to run with the children.

Parent Participation

We recognise that some parents/grandparents have very interesting jobs and hobbies and we welcome you into pre-school to share these with us. One of the favourites last year was a grandma who came in to do some Morris Dancing, the children loved the music and the dancing. We also enjoyed a visit from a Doctor and the local Community Police Officer.

We also have parents who come and bake cakes with the children, plant seeds, make bird feeders and do themed craft such as mothers day gifts. It is completely up to you, if you enjoy doing it, then they will too!

So please sign up!

The rota can be found in the entrance hall and you are welcome to stay all day if you choose or just an hour if that suits you better. It is nice to come in and see your child playing with new friends, in a new environment and participate in an activity or two.