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About Our Management Team

Jack and Jill's is managed on a day-to-day basis by our dedicated and hard-working management team. Here you can learn more about our manager and assistant manager and discover what they like to do during their free time.

Becky Clarke - Jack and Jill's Pre-School Manager

Becky Clarke


Becky joined Jack and Jill's in 2008 having previously worked at three other nurseries. She has  performed almost every role in the organisation, including Assistant Manger, and was appointed as Manager at the beginning of 2014. Becky is the life and soul of Jack and Jill's. Her drive, determination and enthusiasm for the children, staff and setting is amazing.  Becky loves all the messy activities and encouraging the children's social and developmental needs. She has 3 children of her own, all of whom keep her busy with their individual activities and hobbies. Becky is very social and enjoys spending time with friends and family and going to the gym. 

Claire Thompson

Deputy Manager

Claire became a permanent member of the team in 2014, having been with us whilst obtaining her Cache Level 3 qualification and then on a temporary contract covering maternity leave. Claire has three children of her own and loves working in close partnership with the children and famalies at pre-school. She shows a particular interest in animals and enjoys encouraging the children to share in this interest within the setting. Claire is a huge support to both Becky the manager, the staff and to the committee, she is always on hand to help and takes great pride in everything she does. She has lots of ideas to bring to the setting and is constantly looking to help the management team improve the pre-school.

Becky Clarke - Jack and Jill's Pre-School Manager