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About Our Key People

At Jack and Jill's we are very proud of our team of dedicated key people, all of whom are qualified to CACHE level 3. Here you can learn more about their time with us and their personal interests.

Alison Farmer

Alison Farmer

Alison started as a volunteer when her boys attended our pre-school and she became a permanent member of the team in 2010. Alison enjoys reading stories to the children and finding "quiet time" to talk with them. In her spare time she enjoys walking and fossil hunting, which comes in very useful when we are participating in exploratory play.

Megan Kennedy

Megan enjoys creative activities as well as cooking with the children. She took on the role of SENCO in January. The role is something she has always been interested in and she is really excited to fully engage with the role, supporting the children with additional needs.

Steph Whittall

Steph joined Jack and Jill's in 2011 and her favourite activity is imaginative play.  Steph is also responsible for ECAT within the setting, which was set up to encourage children to talk. Steph has facilitated this by developing specific areas and purchasing specific toys which encourage talking.

Sophie Jones

Sophie came to Jack & Jill's as a student, but from the start showed a keenness for child-centred learning. She is committed to teaching through play-based activities and experiences. Sophie is skilled at introducing new activities to the preschool and her kind and caring nature means she helps the more timid and quiet children to build their confidence within the setting.

Pauline Shaw

Pauline became a permanent member of our team in 2015, having worked in a number of Early Years Educational settings prior to joining us.

Gail Smith

Gail used to work at Jack & Jill's as the setting's SENCO and earlier this year we were pleased when she came back to join the team. Gail is a caring and dedicated member of the team who is popular with staff, parents and children. She loves reading to the children and encouraging imaginative play. She is proactive about encouraging healthy eating at snack time and outdoor play.