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About Our Key People

At Jack and Jill's we are very proud of our team of dedicated key people, all of whom are very well qualified from a having two Qualified Teachers Status and a Level 6 to CACHE level 3. Here you can learn more about their time with us and their personal interests.

 Alison Davis

Alison is our Health and Safety officer at Jack and Jill's ensuring the children are in a safe and secure environment. Alison always put the voice of the child's interest into her plans to help her to build and maintain a health relationship with the children and their parents. She always ensures that every child is involved and supports them in each area of the developmental planning. 


Theresa McDowall

Theresa is a Qualified Teacher who posses solid knowledge and understanding of educational values. She has only recently joined the team this January from being our bank staff. 

Melissa Davis

Melissa joined our team at the end of January 2018. She works alongside her sister Alison Davis. 

Lisa Sharratt

Pauline Shaw

Pauline became a permanent member of our team in 2015, having worked in a number of Early Years Educational settings prior to joining us. Pauline works closely with a small group of children as part of our Ecat 'Every Child a Talker' project which was set up to develop the language and communication of children. Pauline helps to create a supportive and stimulating environment within the setting, where children are encouraged to develop early language through interesting activities.