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About Our Committee

The Jack and Jill's Pre-School committee is comprised entirely of volunteers, many of whom have children who currently attend the pre-school, or have children who have attended the pre-school in the past. We currently have six main members and you can learn more about them and their particular interests here.

In addition to the six main members, we have a number of additional representatives who provide a valuable contribution to the running of our pre-school. (A complete list of all members can be found in the reception area at Darwin Hall).

Should you be interested in joining our committee we would love to hear from you! Please contact us or alternatively please speak to a member of our management team or an existing committee member.

Cathy Dobbs


Cathy joined the committee in 2015 when her son joined the Pre-school. She became the chairperson last year and is actively involved in events and activities which take place at Jack & Jill's.

Claire Smith

Vice Chair

Claire joined the committee four years ago when her eldest son William attended, she is now vice chair primarily supporting the chair in all aspects of fundraising and other Pre-school events.  Her daughter Jessica will be graduating this year.

Shelley Collett


Shelley has been on the committee since her sons joined the pre-school in September 2015 and stepped into the role of secretary in September 2016. She feels it is important to have an input into the decision making at the pre -school to help make it the best place it can be for all the children.

Louise Pocock


Louise has been on the committee for a number of years seeing her three children graduate from the Pre-school. During that time she has been vice-chair, chair and is now treasurer. Her role involves fundraising for the preschool and providing a vital "second opinion" as part of the decision making process.

Catherine Swallow


Catherine was appointed as our accountant in 2012. She performs a critical role within the organisation and works closely with the Chairperson and Manager. Catherine had a daughter who attended the pre-school.

Catherine Swallow - Accountant


Other members

All the members of Jack & Jill's committee are valued for their help in the decision making process and for their work to make events and activities at the pre-school run smoothly. They include:

Rebecca Astbury

Ruth Hughes

Alison Lester-Jones

Alison Mann

Nicola Morley